Sunshine Range
Our Sunshine range of home care products proffers solutions to basic household needs. From fresh and whitening effect of our Sunshine Bleach, sparkling effect of the Original Blue, squeaky clean Sunshine Liquid Dishwash, unique fragrances of the Sunshine Air Freshener, to the preserving power of the Sunshine Naphthalene Balls, the Sunshine home care range makes the most tedious domestic chores seem easy.

Sunshine Perfumed Bleach

A little of Sunshine Perfumed Bleach goes a long way. Two capful in a 10 liter bucket of water is all it takes to power through tough stains, leaving your white whiter, sparkling and fresh scented. It can also be used as household surfaces cleaner and disinfectant. Sunshine Perfumed Bleach comes in an ergonomic handle which prevents spillage and makes it easy to grip.



Sunshine Ultramarine Blue

Sunshine Ultramarine Blue works amazingly on clothes and makes them as bright as new. It is an excellent colour corrector that neutralizes yellowish shades from white and blue fabrics. It mixes well in water leaving no blotch marks. It also preserves the quality of fabrics; it gives extra brightness to clothes. Sunshine Ultramarine Blue comes in innovative packaging that makes usage convenient.



Sunshine Air Freshener Gel
Ambience determines the mood but the good news is that you can always control the environment in which you find yourself. With Sunshine Air Freshener Gel, you can enjoy fresh and clean air in your car unimpeded. Sunshine Air Freshener Gel offers six different natural fragrances. These exciting variants have been developed not only to keep the air in your car fresh but also to elevate your mood. Sunshine Air Freshener Gel can also be used in the home and office.



Sunshine Air Freshener Block
Sunshine Air Freshener Block, the leading air freshener in Nigeria is yet another product Ulysses enriches its customers’ lives with. It is an excellent way to fill every room in your home, and office with fresh and soothing floral fragrances. It can also be used in the toilet, kitchen, study and cupboard. Sunshine Air Freshener Block comes in paper pack, and plastic pack to make for convenient usage.



Sunshine Dish Washing Liquid
Sunshine Dishwashing Liquid is distinctively developed with a triple action cleaning power to cut through all kinds of grease, kills germs while being gentle on your hands. It leaves your plates and pans squeaky clean. Few drops of Sunshine Dishwashing Liquid is more than enough to do your dishes. It also comes with a nice lemon fragrance.



Sunshine Naphthalene Balls
Sunshine Naphthalene Balls are extensively used as household preservative for clothing and other articles susceptible to damage from mildew, moth larvae and other pests. To keep fabric and book eating bugs away from your wardrobe, suitcases, library and kitchen cabinets, just throw in a couple of Sunshine Naphthalene Balls, and your stuff are safe.


Sunshine Aqua Mist



Sunshine Toilet Cleaner